March 21: Night at the Pub!

Tonight: Kilt Night & Clann Tartan’s Night at the Pub
7:00 PM —
Live, Celtic (starts around 9:00)

Spring officially began yesterday…as evidenced by the snow falling this morning in Minnesota. Ugh. But that’s no excuse not to enjoy your evenings!

Tonight we welcome Clann Tartan to Merlins Rest. It’s the monthly “Night at the Pub” gathering for this Scottish living history group. Great people and fine organization. Give a look at their website when you have a moment and learn a bit more. We love ’em.

And if you’ve got a kilt, wear it! It’s also our weekly Kilt Night. Need a kilt? Just ask yer man Bill Watkins at the bar. He’ll be in his, and he makes kilts for many of our patrons.


We’ve also got live Celtic music in the pub tonight. Every Friday night we invite up the session players. They’re absolutely wonderful, and they play as it’s played back in the Isles: in the pub among the people, without microphones, without amps. The mix of instruments may involve mandolins, guitars, bodhrans, Irish pipes, fiddle, etc.

So lend your ears, friends. These are the jigs and reels to set your foot tapping and lift the corners of your mouth. You’ll sip your Guinness or Belhaven with a smile. Music starts around 9 PM.

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