March 19: Cinema Quiz Tonight!

Tonight: Specialist Pub Quiz
Time: 7:30 pm
The theme: Movies
Guest host: Bill Watkins

Note: The questions and answers to last week’s special Civil War quiz will be posted at the end of today’s entry.

Happy days, friends. We’ve got a new series of pub quizzes to complement our Sunday night general information quizzes. Every Wednesday night at 7:30 pm, we hold a “specialist” quiz, which is just a fancy way of saying “single topic.”

Our resident screaming Welshman John Dingley normally hosts the Wednesday affair, but we hear he’s drinking honey tea in preparation for an amateur tenor competition in Saint Paul. (Seriously.) So tonight the man who really made the Isles-style pub quiz take off in Minneapolis, Bill Watkins, will be the signal caller. And there’s money on the line:

Each week our publican John Dingley puts up to $40 in a pot. When someone scores 50 points, they win the kitty. But you don’t need to score a perfect 50 on the quiz (25 questions, 2 points per). We also award attendance points (1 point per quiz). Your attendance points are added to your final score. So if you’re team scores 44 and this is your 6th quiz, you have an aggregate 50. You win!

And when someone takes the pot, everyone’s attendance points reset so you’re never far from the pack. Teams of up to four are allowed. Bring your friends or make new ones.


Wednesday, March 19 – 7:00-9:00 PMThe Druids Grove is gathering. If you’ve an interest in the spiritual path of druidry, this group welcomes you. They meet here monthly, and their discussions are free and open to all.


Thursday, March 20 – 6:00 PM – The Birds & the Beers returns! Even if your interest in birding is only casual, even if you know little beyond the cardinal and the robin, spend a little time with this group. Great fun, great stories. Learn about locations for birding, technological wonders to use in the field, etc. Sharon Stiteler, Minnesota’s very own Birdchick, hosts.

Later in the evening, Cooker John will provide the tunes. Outstanding.


* Author Arthur C. Clarke has died, aged 90. Clarke wrote “2001,” which Stanley Kubrick turned into a film. Clarke also came up with the concept of communications satellites, but never patented the idea. He had a sense of humor about it. In 1965 he wrote an essay titled, “How I Lost a Billion Dollars in My Spare Time.”

* Creepy UK: People in England have turned their dead pets’ fur into woolly jumpers.

* The quiet story of Brendan Duddy, a man integral to peace in Northern Ireland

* A pair of ladies’ knickers from 1959 have been auctioned for £250! Not only is it said they have never been worn, but they are associated with bringing the FA Cup crown to Nottingham Forest that year.

from 12 March 2008

The following are the questions and answers to the American Civil War quiz of last week:

1. This writer was a great novelist. However between 1954 and 1974 he wrote the 1.2 million-word The Civil War: A Narrative. Who was he?
Shelby Foote

2. Sometime between 1836 and October 1837 this man married Harriet Robinson at Fort Snelling the controversy leading from this marriage was a major factor leading up to the Civil War. Who was the man that married Harriet Robinson?
Dred Scott

3. Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard attacked Fort Sumter on April 10 1861. The Union Officer in command of the fort was the Generals former teacher at West Point. Who was the officer in charge of Fort Sumter during the opening of the War? Major Robert Anderson

4. When the Civil war was inevitable general Winfield Scott was asked to lead the union fight. What was his nick name?
Old Fuss and Feathers

5. Who was the Confederate General who coined the phrase. “Git their fust with the most men.” And is said to have participated in the formation of the Klu Klux Klan?
Nathan Bedford Forrest

6. Name the horse presented to Grant in 1864 and immediately identified as his favorite?

7. Which one of the following was not a Union General? Benjamin Alvord, William Plummer Benton, Braxton Bragg, John C. Fremont or Oliver Otis Howard?
Braxton Bragg

8. Confederate raider CSS Shenandoah fired the last shot of the Civil War more than two months after Lee’s surrender. Where was this shot fired?
The Bering Strait

9. Old Abe of Company C of the Eighth Wisconsin Infantry was born in 1861 and saw the battle of Corinth and the siege of Vicksburg among others. All generals doffed their hats to him. He died in 1881. Who was Old Abe?
Bald Eagle

10. His brother John was a US Senator, his brother Charles was a US judge in Ohio, his youngest brother was a banker. He himself was a Civil War General. Name him?
William Tecumseh Sherman

11. President Lincoln two executive order that became the precursors of the 13th amendment. What were these two executive orders, combined, called?
Emancipation Proclamation

12. What was Grant’s first Civil War battle after being appointed Brigadier General?
The Battle of Belmont

13. This man was a Confederate partisan Ranger in the Civil War. He was responsible for Stuart’s “Ride around McClellan” during the Peninsula Campaign. He went on to become a campaign manager in Virginia for President Grant. He abhorred slavery but was compelled to fight for Virginia. Who was he?
John Mosby

14. Major General Nathaniel P. Banks’ ill-fated Red River Campaign was saved by Colonel Joseph bailey who saved Admiral David Porter from disgrace. What did Joseph Bailey do to save the campaign?
Built a Dam

15. Winfield Scott felt he was unable to go into battle any more so he offered the job to another man. Who was that man?
Robert E. Lee

16. Following the Civil War who followed W. T Sherman as the top general of the US army?
Phil Sherridan

17. Where are the following words taken from? “and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”
Gettysburg Address

18. Which one of the following was not a Confederate general? Daniel Smith Donelson, George Washington Gordon, Edward S. Bragg, John Gregg or John Adams?
Edward S. Bragg

19. Said to be one of the main heroes of Glorieta Pass? He also with friends protected the union flag in Taos New mexico. Who was this remarkable human being?
Kit Carson

20. Who said “Atlanta is ours, and fairly won”?
W. T. Sherman

21. This horse (birth name “Jeff Davis”) was born near the Blue Sulphur Springs, in Greenbrier County, Virginia (now West Virginia), raised by Andrew Johnston. An American Saddlebred, he was of the Gray Eagle stock, and, as a colt, took the first prize at the Lewisburg, Virginia, fairs in 1859 and 1860. As an adult gelding, he was a sturdy horse, 16 hands high and 1,100 pounds (500 kg), iron gray in color with black points, a long mane and flowing tail. What was he called by the man who rode him?
Traveller (ridden by R. E. Lee)

22. He was an American college professor from the State of Maine. He achieved fame at the Battle of Gettysburg, where his valiant defense of Little Round Top became the focus of many publications and stories. Who was he?
Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

23. Name the man who was a close friend of Grant and featured prominently in Grant’s wedding. He was a prominent General on the Confederate side. Lee often referred to him as his war horse?
James (Pete) Longstreet

24. His Iroquois title was “Donehogawa”, or “Keeper of the western door”. He served with Grant from Chattanooga to Appomattox, where he wrote in duplicate the terms of Gen. Robert E. Lee’s surrender. What was his name?
Ely Samuel Parker

25. What was Sherman’s Hairpin or Necktie?
Twisted rail

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