March 18: Back to Basics & News from the Isles

Wow. What a weekend! What’s better than St. Patrick’s Day? That’s right: a five-day, St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Thanks so much friends for being here. We had a lovely time, the pints were tasty, the music was grand, and the stories kept us laughing. Thanks.

Right! Back to an ordinary week, hey? Okay.

Tonight we’ve got the boys of Bedlam in the pub. Great Irish and Scottish folk influence, a fine following, and good music to boot. If you’re out for a pasty and perhaps a bit of the hair of the dog, this is the event to ease you back into everyday living.


Free Wi-Fi in Irish Pubs, Minneapolis

A number of bloggers have posted about Merlins recently. Big thanks to:

* Reetsyburger for her Lake Street report, her kind words and her fantastic images from Dublin;
* Haddyr for the ceili dance note (though we’re sorry you have reservations about the old art being more crowded days of celebration); and
* RadiantMatrix for the whisky toast. Cheers!


It’s the Merlins Rest Folk Jam night! An easy peasy affair. Friends gather with instruments. No mics. No amps. They have a pint or two and see how the music grabs ’em.

Also, we’ve got one of our numerous groups coming in to meet and they open their tables up to all:

Wednesday, March 19 – 7:00-9:00 PMThe Druids Grove is gathering! If you’ve an interest in the spiritual path of druidry, this group welcomes you. They meet here monthly, and their discussions are free and open to all. Stop up and make some new friends.


Birds and the Beers, MinneapolisThursday, March 20 – 6:00 PM – The Birds & the Beers returns! Even if your interest in birding is only casual, even if you know little beyond the cardinal and the robin, spend a little time with this group. Great fun, great stories. Learn about locations for birding, technological wonders to use in the field, etc.

Later in the evening, Cooker John will provide the tunes. Outstanding.


* Oscar-winning British director Anthony Minghella has died, aged 54

* A simple chip shop in Leeds has had a £100,000 piece of art on its walls for years. It’s now going to auction.

* Stay out of Donnegal! Previously the hunting ground only of urban cougars, Donnegal now seems to have an actual big cat on the loose

* East Fife is finally getting out of the Scottish Third Division. Promotion cannot be stopped; but celebration can. Police have banned a champaign celebration! What a rub.

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Keep telling the tales!

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