March 16: Sunday Pub Quiz!

image_13.jpgWhat a lovely Saturday that was! Thanks to all for so much spirit. We appreciate it.

Right! First up, I want to remind you all that our good friend Eileen Dahill and her magnificent St. Paul Irish Dancers will be performing at 2 pm today O’Shaughnessy Auditorium at the College of St. Catharine. The Center for Irish Music will add to the performance, as will our very own Bill Watkins who will read from his triology-completing memoir The Once and Future Celt (to be published shortly by Scarletta Press).

So get yourself to the O’Shaughnessy for THE BIG SHOW: “SWEET IRISH COLLEENS.” Performance starts at 2 PM. Tickets are $16. All tickets are reserved seating and will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Please make checks out to St. Paul Irish Dancers.

Tickets are available at Irish on Grand, 1124 Grand Ave., 651-222-5151 or by e-mailing the St Paul Irish Dancers at


Tonight, yer man John Dingley will lead the weekly Sunday Pub Quiz at 8 pm. It’s a general topic quiz and teams of up to four are allowed. Attendance is taken–but towards a reward, friends. The number of quizzes you take part in are added to your final score. And when someone has an aggregate of 50 points–each quiz is in its own right worth 50 on its 25 2-points-per-question format–that person wins the pot. Each week John puts up to $40 in the kitty, so play often! When someone wins, the attendance points reset, so you’re never far from being par with the field.

Sam Fiske provides the jazz an hour before and 30 minutes after each quiz. It’s Sam’s Sandwich! Tasty tunes to accompany the evening’s fun.


So get primed for St. Patrick’s Day proper with tonight’s quiz. And don’t forget, we’ve got loads going on on Monday: a special brunch, an early whisky tasting, Irish dancing and music, and much more.

Check out the breakdown of events on our Events Page. And check in here at the website tomorrow.

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