March 13: The weekend begins, Finnegan’s Is Coming, and Happy Birthday to Anita and Ann K.

St. Paddy’s will enjoy an unusually long but well deserved celebration this year. The Catholic Church’s decision to move the feast day to Saturday, March 15, means the masses–which includes the non-observing laity and those just out for the fun–get not only the Saturday but the actual March 17 (Monday) St. Patrick’s Day.

And being that Paddy’s time of year is a generously happy one, we get the days nearby too. Lovely!

Tonight we’ll start up the St. Patrick’s weekend with a bit of fun in the pub. Our friends Kathy Mosher and Bobby Ekstrand–the Mosher/Ekstrand Experiment–will be playing the tunes (starting about 9 pm), and all in all the hoolie will be underway. So treat yourself to Day 1 of 5, and make time on your calendar for a bit of (safe) fun on some of the other days too.

So for all of you going into St. Paul for the annual parade, which this year will be held on Saturday, March 15, make sure to stop at Merlins afterwards and tell the tales!


On Saturday night our friends from Finnegan’s and plenty of their friends will arrive on one of the Finnegan’s pub crawl buses. The bus that will visit us is SOLD OUT, so it’s going to be a fun crowd. We expect them to arrive around 7:15 pm, so if you’d like to pay tribute to their good cheer, make plans to be in between 7 and 8 and give a fond hullo to them. They do it all for charity, you know. (I’m quite serious.) And they liven up every pub they enter. Lovely people.

Check out the Event page for other St. Patrick’s information.


Over at Anti-War Salon we spotted this note about Anita and Ann K. having birthdays this month. Look for their well-wishers wishing them well in the pub tonight. Cheers!

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