March 12: Pub Quiz TONIGHT – 7:30 PM

Our Welsh publican, John Dingley, has gone crazier! He’s throwing a new brand of pub quizzes on Wednesday nights at 7:30 pm: Specialist Pub Quizzes. That is, a guiding topic is announced ahead of time.

We still have our general interest pub quiz on Sunday night, but check out tonight’s quiz on The American Civil War. Perhaps you saw Ken Burns’ Civil War documentary series? Perhaps you once read a volume of Shelby Foote’s war history? Maybe you know a bit about historical rifles or the names of generals or even generals’ horses?

You never know what will pop up, but we’ll at least give you the a topic ahead of time.

Prizes? You better believe it. All participants receive one point for each quiz attended. Those attendance points are added to your final score and the first person to 50 wins the kitty. Each week John puts up to $40 in. So if you score 44 points and this is your sixth quiz, you have an aggregate of 50. You win the money! Whenever someone wins the pot, everyone’s attendance points are reset to zero, so you’re never too far off the pace.

So join us tonight at 7:30 pm for an American Civil War pub quiz!


There will be a special whisky toast to St. Patrick on Monday, March 17, at 11 am.

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