March 11: Irish Dancing and Bedlam

Happy days, friends! I tell you what, I believe this really might be the cusp of spring upon which we currently perch. What a gloriously thrilling point of the year it is when abruptly we realize it won’t be cold and grey forever. Lovely!

That’s worth a pint of celebration and a pasty loaded with cure. We’ve got that and got it all in spades. Hey.


image_13.jpgTalk about a Beauty and the Beast performance! Our good friend Eileen Dahill and her magnificent St. Paul Irish Dancers will be performing on Sunday, March 16, at O’Shaughnessy Auditorium at the College of St. Catharine. The Center for Irish Music will add to the performance, as will our very own Bill Watkins who will read from his triology-completing memoir The Once and Future Celt (to be published shortly by Scarletta Press).

So get yourself to the O’Shaughnessy for THE BIG SHOW: “SWEET IRISH COLLEENS.” Performance starts at 2 PM. Tickets are $16 (each, of course). All tickets are reserved seating and will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Please make checks out to St. Paul Irish Dancers.

Tickets are available at Irish on Grand, 1124 Grand Ave., 651-222-5151 or by e-mailing the St Paul Irish Dancers at


Hide the silver! Lock up the china! It’s Bedlam!

Indeed. Those marauding, scotch-loving, good-humored Celtic cats known as Bedlam will descend upon Merlins Rest from the Bedlam Mothership tonight and provide some rollicking Irish and Scottish folk and their own finely honed sense of jamming. It’s a truly spirited evening. Great fun, and bound to be more so what with the weather improving and the great Celtic saint’s week upon us.

So fill up the belly with a pie and a pint and fill up the soul with Bedlam and their many friends in the audience. Great laughs to be had. Music starts about 9 pm.

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