March 9: Sunday Pub Quiz

Happy days, friends! It’s Sunday. We’re serving brunch from 9 am to 2 pm, and we’ve got the weekly Sunday Pub Quiz tonight at 8 pm. While there may be a theme, the questions are of a general knowledge nature (though arguably obscure at times given that a Welshman writes the quiz!).

For those looking for specialist quizzes, we hold them every Wednesday at 8 pm. Next week’s topic: the American Civil War.

Right! Back to Sunday: the pub quiz starts at 8 pm sharpish. And Sam Fiske will provide the jazz an hour before and 30 minutes after the quiz. It’s a little thing we call Sam’s Sandwich.

So bring your friends or make new ones! Get yourself a pint and enjoy quiz night.


Saint Patrick’s Day is fast approaching! We start our fun towards it this week. Here’s a look into the future:

Monday, March 10 – At 8:00 / 8:30 pm, we’ll get our Open Mic going with Harrison Matthews. Last week we had some fine Irish influence in song and recitations. Delivering your own this week too.

Tuesday, March 11 – Bedlam Tuesday! Let Irish and Scottish folk rule the evening. Music at 9 pm.

Wednesday, March 12 – Specialist Pub Quiz on the American Civil War. Quiz at 8 pm. Afterwards, we leave the pub open to the weekly folk jam. No mics, no amps. Just music in the pub as it’s done back in the Isles.

Thursday, March 13 – Various Irish activities in the evening will kick-off the long weekend of Irish celebrations leading up to St. Patrick’s Day. Music from the Mosher/Ekstrand Experiment at 9 pm.

Friday, March 14Special St. Patrick’s Day weekend Kilt Night! Kick start the St. Paddy’s weekend festivities. Some people will raise a toast at 7:30 pm in memory of those lost. It’s the 9th Annual Bring Back the Snakes toast. Get yourself a pint and join ‘em, if you wish.

Saturday and Sunday, March 15 & 16 – Irish brunch served up 9 am – 2 pm. Music on Saturday night from the Hot Club of East Lake. Sunday Pub Quiz on the 16th.

Monday, March 17 – ALL DAY! – It’s St. Patrick’s Day! We’ve lots going on for the holiday proper.
* Celebrate with a special Monday brunch (8 am – 12:00 pm) with traditional Irish fare.
* At 11 am, we’ll have a whisky toast with our “Whisky Wench,” Fiona.
* During the afternoon, Wild Bill Watkins, our publican John Dingley, and local Irish dance leader Eileen Dahill take over.
* At 4 pm, a mini ceili session will take place.
* From 5:00 – 6:30 pm, Misplaced will provide the sounds.
* From 6:45 – 7:45 pm, there will be an Open Mic Best Singer and Story Teller contest with PRIZES!
* From 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm (and possibly a later set), the all-girl Irish music sensation “Garrigans Quarrel” will rule the roost. This includes from 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm the Giggin Sheilas.

As for food in the afternoon and evening, we’ll serve up Irish Stew, Corned beef and Cabbage, Leak and Potato Stew, Irish Lamb, Bratwurst and more. Happy days, indeed! Join the hoolie, friends. You will not regret it!

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