March 6: Thin Lizzy, Remediation Expert

Incredible: a by-product of whisky production has apparently proven to be a rather effective contaminated soil and water cleanup product. Check out the article in the Telegraph.

Perhaps a rehash of Thin Lizzy’s great “Whisky in the Jar” recording will emerge as “Whisky in the Soil….” Poor some out for ol’ Mother Earth, eh?

Happy days, indeed, to the University of Aberdeen research team that discovered this beverage by-product cleaning solution. Raise a glass of the Highland’s finest and drink green! Cheers.


We’re going to hold a special whisky tasting on St. Patrick’s day at 11 am. Our favorite whisky expert, Fiona, will lead. This event will follow the special St. Patrick’s Day brunch (starting at 8 am). Find out more about the events of St. Patrick’s Day on our Events page.

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