In Which We Search for a Darts Team…

Irish Pub Darts at Merlins RestTRIVIA: You may know the popular melon-flavored Japanes liqueur Midori. But what does midori mean in Japanese? The answer at the end of today’s entry.

So. Darts is a significant pasttime in the pubs back home in the UK and Ireland. It’s even covered by the BBC. Here at Merlins Rest we’re keeping that tradition going. We’ve got two boards in the pub, and we’re now looking for a darts team. If you’ve got an inside line on this one, give us a bell. Or, rather, drop us an electronic line.

Bull’s Eye!


Please keep in mind that recreational life in the pub isn’t all about darts. We’ve got two other Isles-oriented offerings for our patrons: dominoes and cribbage.

I just took up dominoes the other night and very much enjoyed it. (I suppose it helped that Beginner’s Luck guided me to victories in two of three frames!) So know that there’s plenty up here to ease you through your evenings. Ask at the bar for these games.


Wow. What grizzly roads those were this morning! Ugh. I don’t mind being home just this moment and letting things calm down. But come the evening on a Wednesday I get a little mid-week cabin fever. It’s then I seek out the Folk Jam. How it works is this: Bill Watkins and friends pop up to the pub on Wednesday night and play informally. No mics. No speakers. Just some casual interaction between friends around a table. Guitars, mandolins, etc. Whoever shows and whatever they come armed with…that’s how the night unwinds.

Give it a listen. Get your pint and play a light game of dominoes and enjoy this late winter eve.


Midori ShotMidori means green.


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