March 3: Medieval & Open Mic

And so the week begins! We’ve got the Merlins Medieval History Group at 7 pm, and around 8/8:30 pm, the weekly Open Mic with Harrison Matthews takes place.

So bring your historical or family history questions to the pub tonight. And bring your poems, guitars, stories, and voice. Share something with your fellow pub goers. It’s just like public radio: we’re listening.

Keep the fires lit!


* How is it one could falsify a knighthood and work at the White House and think they might get away with it in the public circle? That, apparently, is what the Wiltshire-raised and now-former Food Network chef Robert Irvine did.

* DVD piracy in Malaysia is being policed by Northern Ireland-trained dogs. Huh.

* Scotland scuppers a plan to promote tourism through naked surfing.

* And the push is on to put the Welsh flag on license plates.

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