Friday: Leap Day! Kilt Night!

Axe TrickI’ve been puzzling over this photo a great deal. Just how is this training useful?

Somone brings that young man back to earth, put a pint of Guinness or a 20-oz dimpled mug of Fuller’s in his hand, and tell him a tale (though I suspect he could tell us a whopper himself).

So: It’s Kilt Night! Stop in on this extra day of February and enjoy an extra pint and maybe some bangers and mash to celebrate the weekend. Don your tartan, if you’ve got one, and join the hoolie.

We’ll have live Celtic music in the pub as well: session style. No microphones or speakers. No schedule. Just musicians who keep the Celtic traditions alive. They’ll be in the bar area towards the front. Give a listen, tell a story, bring a friend or make new ones. Happy days!



In the US media, we hear so much about the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). But what percentage of the world oil supply does OPEC actually control? The answer in a moment.


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Dog Balances Egg* Breaking News in the Mid-Lands! A dog that balances tubs and an egg on a spoon. Now, let’s see ‘er spin some plates!

* The University of Sheffield is trying to teach a “baby robot” to talk.

* Prince Harry is on his way home after a news blackout was broken–the blackout that kept the world from hearing how he’d been patrolling on the frontlines in Afghanistan for the last 10 weeks. His nickname with the troops? The Bullet Magnet.

* And for our birding readers, check out this Welsh tale of reunion…with an eagle owl. That’s a fine-looking owl, I say.


OPEC controls about 40% of the world supply. That’s a hefty chunk for the cartel, but perhaps a smaller percentage than you thought.

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