Monday: Open Mic

Tonight: Harrison Matthews leads the Merlins Rest Open Mic night. Bring your guitar, your singing voice, your accordion; your poems, your stories, your novel chapters; etc. It’s your mic! Things begin around 8:00/8:30. Traditional Irish ceili dancing sometimes occurs before. (Listed on

And perhaps we’ll hear an ode to pugilism! On this day in history, Cassius Clay (aka Muhammed Ali) claimed his first world title by beating the heavily favored Sonny Liston.


Thursday, February 28, 6:00 PM – It’s the Birds & the Beers Gathering! Sharon Stiteler (aka, the Birdchick) is calling all birders together again for pints and a meetup. If you have even a casual interest in birding, check it out. Great group. And I think it’s going to be a bit more high-tech this time as Sharon has suggested she’ll bring her scope. (Scroll to the end of the entry for the Birds & Beers note, and for a nice photo from their last gathering here.)


Smithwicks LabelJust a quick reminder to you all that we’ve brought back Smithwick’s on tap. It’s Ireland’s oldest ale, and it’s a grand thing. We tend to rotate out a few taps to keep the fresh tastes coming, but we brought Smithwick’s back sooner than expected, and with the help of patron requests. Thanks to all for your feedback!


* Talk about a cold case! Police in Hull are hoping to crack a wallet theft…from the early 1960s. The wallet has been found. Now they must find the owner.

* A bit of early spring cleaning in Northern Ireland has opened up room for new graves. They’re selling. Are you buying?

* The Scottish Slimmer of the Year has been named: Mandy Martin. Despite working in a chip shop, she dropped five stone.

* And a statue of comic legend Tommy Cooper is unveiled in Caerphilly. Fellow Welshman Sir Anthony Hopkins donned a fez and cracked wise.

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