Saturday: It’s a Heat Wave!

Saint Paul statueGoodness! Cut off your jeans and make some shorts for this sultry winter weather, eh? Right!

It’s Saturday and that means a couple things to Merlins:
* Brunch from 9 am – 2 pm. It’s a delight. Check it out.
* The Hot Club of East Lake plays in the pub tonight starting at 9 pm.

Join us for traditional Irish breakfast, or some classic pancakes, whatever your belly craves. Maybe get out and take a little walk (as that ice is melting today, if only temporarily!). And join us, Papa John and company for an evening of spirited jazz to back the good mood the day brings you.


The US raises the flag on Iwo Jima (1945)


What is the second largest city in Scotland? (Hint: it’s the capital.) The answer in a moment.


Our friend Sean has provided some great food in our kitchen over a good number of months, but alas the lad has too much on his plate–pun!–at the moment so is stepping away from Merlins. He’s become a private citizen again, it seems. But you’ll see him in the pub, and he would like you all to know he’s had a blast working on the menu with patron comments and suggestions. He’s a good man. We wish him all the best and we’re pleased as punch to have a number of his recipe touches in our arsenal now. Thanks, Sean!

Scottish Coat of ArmsTRIVIA ANSWER

Edinburgh. It has a city population of about 450,000–not too different from Minneapolis (400,000).

Scotland’s total population is just over 5,100,000. Minnesota’s? Just under 5,000,000. And we’ve got a fantastic Scottish community in Minnesota. Check out the Scottish links on our Links Page.

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