Thursday Cooks

Merlins beard! Is the sky on fire!? What is this shining fireball in the sky!? The sun, you say? In winter? Capital idea!

Celebrate the return of sun and “warmth” (or as near to it as we can claim during a northern winter) and warm up for the weekend with a pie and a pint, or maybe some bangers and mash tonight at Merlins Rest. And if you’re cutting down on meat or are outright a vegetarian, then give our veggie bangers (made with a tasty soy mince) a try. We even have some vegan-friendly fare. Check it out on the menu page.

Trivia: Here’s a softball one but one of great relevance to this day in history: Which US president made a historic visit to China on 21 February 1972?

Irish/UK Trivia: Bertie Ahern holds the important Irish political position of Taoiseach. Who is Bertie’s counterpart in the UK? The answers to both questions in a moment.


Speaking of what cooks, we’re talking about Cooker John. He plays finger-style and slide guitar, mixing folk, blues and originals that reflect a performing experience of over 40 years. Enjoy this opportunity to share a musical experience of unusual depth and expertise. Music starts around 9 PM.


Local writer Greg Seitz published a chapbook of outdoors writing in December,  Esker: Tales of Woods and Water. This inaugural issue contains writing on paddling, fly fishing, hiking and other explorations. In addition to Greg’s work, you’ll also find poetry by Lené Gary, prose by Sam Haraldson, art by Ed Haydin, and poetry by Kate Seitz. Our regular Open Mic readers who might have pieces they’d like to submit should visit Greg’s site and learn more about Esker. Interested readers should also visit, of course.

Trivia answers:
* President Richard Nixon went to China.
* Prime Minister Gordon Brown is the counterpart to Bertie Ahern.  Taoiseach is the Irish-language title for “prime minister.”

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