Bedlam Tuesday!

Great Caesar’s Ghost! That bag of bones Fidel Castro has stepped down…but more importantly, I see the silhouettes of battered ships on the horizon! A tattered flag, a torn sail…must be Bedlam! The boys are in the pub tonight for their weekly fun. Plenty of Irish and Scottish folk and good laughs. Music starts around 9 pm. So get yourself down here, have a pie and a pint to warm the belly and blood, and enjoy your evening.

ISLES TRIVIA: The famed king Henry VIII came from which ruling family? The answer at the end of today’s entry.

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We’ll have our weekly and informal folk jam on Wednesday night, of course; but we also have an open gathering in the pub and like to help put out the word for those groups who meet here. These groups have included political organizations, knitting circles, reading groups, etc. All are invited to join them.

Wednesday: The Druids Grove. If you’ve an interest in the spiritual path of Druidry, by all means stop up and meet our friends in this group.


Thursday, February 28, 6:00 PM – Birds & the Beers Gathering! Sharon Stiteler (aka, the Birdchick) is calling all birders together again for pints and a meetup.


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