Monday: Look Back in Jealousy & the Open Mic

Valentine’s Day

We had a gorgeous special menu on Valentine’s Day, friends: Scottish Salmon Steak, Tiger Shrimp and Scallops with Dill Risotto and Glazed Vegetables. A vegetarian option–Veggie Piccata–was also offered, and we served up a wonderful appetizer: Welsh Lollipops! (Two seasonsed lamb chops over garlic mashed potatoes and glazed vegetables.) The dessert was chocolate cake with a berry glaze and cream sauce.

Great night. So the lesson for those of you who missed it: Keep an eye out for our special menu nights! They’re worth it.


It’s Monday, and while much of the world feels put upon this day of the week we keep it lively and keep the creative energy flowing. Our friend Harrison Matthews–a fine writer in his own right–leads the Merlins Rest Open Mic. Join us and share a poem or song. Bring a guitar, an accordion, whatever you need. That secret novel chapter. A short story. A crackin’ good bit from a memoir.

Hey: It’s your mic! Sing it, read it, share it. The fun starts around 8:00/8:30.


From Friday’s issue of the story of Lindsey Vonn who is leading the world downhill skiing season. True, this isn’t a Celtic story, but Lindsey’s roots lie in Minnesota so we’re rooting for her. Go, Lindsey!

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