Sunday Pub Quiz!

NOTE: Stop by the site on Monday for a glimpse at the menu from Valentine’s Day. It was awesome.

So. Sunday morning has arrived and I’m feeling no worries. I’ve watched the Sunday morning show on CBS and Nigella Express–both guilty pleasures–and am now turning my thoughts towards brunch at Merlins Rest. It’s grand stuff, an ace in your day. Check it out between 9 am  and 2 pm every Saturday and Sunday.

And tonight: the Sunday Pub Quiz!

Yer man John Dingley–the Patron Saint of Builth–will call out 25 brainbusters in the fantastic tradition that comes to us from Irish and British pubs and we’ve made our own right here in Minneapolis. Your team of up to four can write your answers down and afterwards the cards are corrected, scored, a runner-up and winner announced, and all in all everyone has a lovely way into the week. Geography, American presidents, birds–who knows what Dingley’s brain will cough up this week? It’s a good time nonetheless.

And if you’d like a little music to accompany your evening, Sam Fiske will provide the tunes an hour before and 30 minutes after.

 World trivia: Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia today…and I mean TODAY, 17 February 2008.

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