Thursday: Special Menu Tonight

Good day! Whether you’re one to celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, we’ve got an evening of terrific food and music on tap. The details:

* Our special menu will feature Salmon Steak, Tiger Shrimp, Scallops, Veggie Focaccia, and more.

* For those who would like to make a reservation, we’ll take it. One is not needed, but a reservation, of course, reserves a table for you. So it’s offered tonight if you’d like to take advantage.

* Red roses will be on the tables.

* In the evening, around 9 pm, the Mosher/Ekstrand Experiment will provide romantic blues and there will most likely be some love songs before and after Mosher/Ekstrand’s set.

* Various other Valentines-style activities may emerge, such as poems.


The BBC has a fun “On This Day” section. Turns out Valentine’s Day is associated with much more than just love: it’s also the anniversary of the Allied Forces’ devastating bombing of Dresden (1945); the Ayatollah’s death sentence against author Salman Rushdie (1989); and, on a happier note, the British actually taking home a gold medal in skating! Torville and Dean won the gold at the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo (1984).

And over at they have a beauty of a Valentine’s Day historical item: the discovery of penicillin. Apt!

Trivia fans: What music did Torvill and Dean skate to during their victorious performance? Answer at the end of today’s entry.


Knit-Out & Crochet 2008 We noted the other day that the World’s Fastest Knitter hails from the UK and that she’d be competing here in the Twin Cities soon to defend her crown. I couldn’t find the event information, though. However, our good friend Flannery, who is somewhere in this photo from the pub last Friday, put me in the know.

For those interested in the either the informative or spectacle sides of the event, check out Knit-Out & Crochet 2008 at the Mall of America.

Trivia answer: Ravel’s Bolero.

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