Tuesday: Bedlam, SPID’s Site & Pub Quiz Answers

Knitting at Merlins Rest in Minneapolis

Needles & Ale! Knitters gathered in the pub on Friday, February 8.
Great group, and great group photo by Jacqueline Wegscheid.

Right! It’s Tuesday and that means Bedlam. So get yourself out of the house (before this next cold snap arrives!) and stay warm with a cottage pie, a pint, and some spirited music from the boys of Bedlam. They bring a nice Irish and Scottish influence to their folk and jams. Many of you know them from the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. But if you haven’t heard them outside that gathering, give it a listen. Grand stuff and some songs I bet you didn’t expect. See you tonight!


* We’ve got a special menu on St. Valentine’s Day (including tiger shrimp, scallops, salmon steak and veggie foccacia). The Mosher / Ekstrand Experiment will also be in the pub. Details on the Events page.

* On Saturday, February 16, we’re throwing a Scottish Night Blow-Out!! The Scottish Ramble is going on in Saint Paul that day, and afterwards we invite you all, in kilt or standard garb, to join us for a night of Scottish revelry. Details on the Events page.


Look what we spotted! A new website layout for Eileen Dahill’s outstanding Saint Paul Irish Dancers. The girls were a hit in the pub last Saint Patrick’s Day and we just might be lucky enough to get them in the pub this year on St. Paddy’s if the girls got anything left after their March 15 & 16 performances. Stop over and visit the site. We’re big fans.


As a number of you have asked us to post Johnny Dingley’s weekly brainbusters, here’s the carnage from Sunday, February 10:

1. Who wrote “Death of a Salesman” in 1949?
Arthur Miller

2. Which of the following countries has the most forest area? A. USA, B. Brazil, C. Canada or D. Russia?
D. Russia

3. This animal Sarcophilus harrisii is in danger of becoming extinct because of a deadly facial cancer. What is the common name of this animal?
Tasmanian devil

4. Where would you expect to find Lake Gatun?

5. On this day in 1990 who was released from 27 years in prison in South Africa?
Nelson Mandela

6. They are found in every public building and business, we have one behind the bar. It was patented on this day in 1863 by Alanson rane. What is it?
Fire extinguisher

7. What do the following animals have in common. Giant Armadillo, Gray Bat, Brown Hyena and Galapagos Penguin?

8. Hillary Clinton might not take part in future debates organized by MSNBC because of David Shuster suggesting that the Clinton campaign had done what?
“Pimped” Chelsea

9. The Demerara River, Guyana is noted for this sugar cane byproduct. What is it?

10. FDA warns of side effects and deaths due to the use of the deadliest bacterial toxin in the world. What is it?

11. Who was the first president to be actually born in the USA?
Martin Van Buren

12. The eastern edge of Europe’s mountain range is called what?

13. An area of 54,000 square miles, from upstate New York, across Pennsylvania into eastern Ohio and across most of West Virginia is known to contain what?
50 trillion cubic feet gas

14. Which of the following countries has increased its forest area by 26% in the last 16 years? A. Russia, B. USA, C. Brazil, D. China or E. Canada?
D. China

15. “All the news that’s fit to print” was placed on this newspapers front page on this day in 1897. Name the paper?
New York Times

16. What colors are the flag of Panama?
Red, White, Blue

17. Outraged eBay sellers plot strike week from the 15th through the 25th Feb. Why are they striking?
Fee hikes

18. After his death in 1805 off the coast of Spain this mans body was sent back to England pickled in a barrel of rum. Who was he?
Lord Admiral Nelson

19. Because of the work of plant geneticists The American Elm and the American Chestnut will be saved from this. What will they be saved from?

20. What is the capital of Guyana?

21. On St. Valentine’s day in 1929 this man discovered Penicillin. Who was he?
Sir Alexander Fleming

22. Following the death of his mother his father was remarried to Mrs. Sarah Bush Johnston in 1819 becoming this future presidents step mother. Who was the president?
Abe Lincoln

23. Animal dung on average is said to contain a percentage of methane gas. Is it A. 10 – 15%, B. 20 – 30 %, C. 40 – 45 % or D. 55- 65%?
D. 55- 65%

24. Carbon tetrachloride is commonly used in what apparatus?
Fire extinguisher

25. When this furry, salivating beast comes a-runnin’, giraffes scurry for their lives, alligators turn themselves into luggage to hide, and sharks literally leap out of the water. Only the most foolhardy and greedy of treasure seekers, Daffy Duck, would dare to attempt to capture this beast. Who is this creature?

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