Thursday: Single-Malt Tasting!

Whisky Tasting in MinneapolisAnd now for a bit of a tincture. It’s the monthly single-malt tasting! Join us for four to five grand pours from our large stock of single-malt whisky from the British Isles.

Participation in the tasting is $25, but the Celtic music will be provided free for all in the pub.

So warm up for the weekend with a pie and a pint, or warm up with a nip of what you might call “holy water”–the very thing sung about in “Finnegan’s Wake” (the song, not the dazzlingly inaccessible book by Joyce).

Photo here from Terry Faust of Faust Photography.


February 8, 4-7 PM – A Twin Cities knitting circle will be in the pub. Got needles? Got yarn? Got a yarn to spin? Join ‘em. They’re a really fun group. We love ‘em.


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Donkey image* Odd: villagers in Gloucester are shopping for a shopping donkey.

* In Scotland, the unborn are being queued up to learn how to swim (but let’s hope they don’t extend that knowledge to the undead, who I believe are barred from crossing water)

* The new Fabio Capello-led England squad took the field at Wembley last night with a victory over Switzerland. A large crowd was on hand and millions watched from home not only for the game but for the 50th anniversary remembrance of the Munich Air Disaster that wiped out Manchester United’s 1958 squad.

* Planning a trip to the UK? Why not stop in Builth Wells, Wales–hometown of our publican John Dingley! Here’s a walking map of that fair city.

* And departing from the Isles now, I would like to note my incredulity with this Kremlin romance film.

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