Fat Tuesday

Well, well, well: It’s Fat Tuesday! And how perfect is that? We’ve already planned for Bedlam in the pub! Join this Irish and Scottish-influenced crew of wandering minstrels for a spirited evening.

Whether you’re personally ushering in a season of Lent or just looking for a heck of a hoolie, this is the place and Bedlam’s the crew. Join us!


Three other fine gatherings occur this week:

* Wednesday, February 6, 6:00-8:30 PM – The Nameless Read-Aloud Club will meet to eat, drink and read to each other. Got a favorite passage from a novel? or a poem you revere? All are welcomed to listen and/or read. Member Mary L. reports that “Last month we especially cherished the readings by Shannon Brennan and Cyn Collins! We tend to laugh alot louder than we read and it’s a very good time.”

* Thursday, February 7, 7:30 PM – Single-Malt Whisky Tasting. Join fellow tasters and sample four or five grand pours from our stock. $25 flat fee to participate. Scottish music provided for all. So bring your friends and tell your enemies!

* Friday, February 8, 4-7 PM – Knitters Unite! A Twin Cities knitting circle will be in the pub. Got needles? Got yarn? Got a yarn to spin? Join ’em. They’re a really fun group. We love ’em.


Over at the Irish Music & Dance Association’s website is news of a gathering in honor of Jim Brooks, a man who has done a considerable amount of good for (and only a little damage to) the Irish communities of the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota. Jim keeps us informed with his work on The Irish Gazette.

Jim’s a great friend to us and the Irish. A very deserving honor.

So pop by the IMDA’s site, please, and visit that page about Brooks’ evening. February 16 (a Saturday) is the date. Afterwards, you might stop up at Merlins Rest for the post-Scottish Ramble party. It’s a Celtic eve, indeed.

And for those of you who know you’ll definitely be out to roast Mr. Brooks, consider referring to him as “Mr. Peterson.” He’ll understand.

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