Tuesday: Bedlam, Watkins & Brooks

Bedlam, Watkins & Brooks? Sounds like a nefarious law firm! So:

The boys of Bedlam descend from the Bedlam Mothership tonight and will provide the good tunes starting at 9 PM. Their weekly show is a hot one for us. Plenty of Scottish and Irish folk influence, good jams, and lots of laughs.

Give it a listen and enjoy your Tuesday evening as we once again fend off a deep-freeze with a pie, a couple pints and the pleasure of good company.


Speaking of descending, allow us to lead you through a befuddling realm filled with twisting Irish lanes, Scottish horrors, loads of confusion, and a central character forever receiving a headwound. It’s none other than the writing of our very own Bill Watkins. Bill–or, Wild Bill–designed the interior of Merlins Rest and made my (and many other) kilts. He’s also published two memoirs (A Celtic Childhood, Scotland Is Not for the Squeamish) and has a third (The Once and Future Celt) due out this year.

You can find him up at the pub a few nights per week keeping the craic in tact.

We’re very excited about this next book. It’s getting brilliant reviews. Check out the page we’ve added to the Merlins Rest site for Bill’s work!


Over at the Irish Music & Dance Association‘s website is news of a gathering in honor of Jim Brooks, a man who has done a considerable amount of good for (and only a little damage to) the Irish communities of the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota. Jim keeps us informed with his work on The Irish Gazette.

Jim’s a great friend to us and the Irish community. A very deserving honor.

So pop by the IMDA’s site, please, and visit that page about Brooks’ evening. February 16 is the date. And for those of you who know you’ll definitely be there to roast the man, consider referring to him as “Mr. Peterson.” He’ll understand.

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