Monday: Open Mic & Time Mag Says Drink Up

It may be a manic Monday for some of you, but, hey: slow it down, retake control and enjoy your evening at Merlins Rest! Our weekly Open Mic with Harrison Matthews takes place tonight at around 8/8:30. Share a song, a poem, a story; play your acoustic guitar; recite a monologue; shake out a chapter from that novel you’ve actually worked on (whereas the rest of us just talk about it). It’s your mic!

Or just pop up for a bit of a tincture and tell some tales at the bar.


Speaking of a bit of a tincture, Time Magazine has published an article about how a drink or two per day can have a similar effect on your heart as mild exercise. Now, this doesn’t mean you can double or triple your intake per day and became a professional athlete! This isn’t a fantasy article.

But it does speak to the health benefits in alcohol–a thing which civilizations have known for thousands of years.

So stop up, raise a pint, and know that you just might be doing your heart a favor.


Sharon Stiteler, a.k.a. the Birdchick, has written into the Merlins website proposing the next Birds and the Beers gathering in the pub for Thursday, February 28. For those new to this concept, the deal is this: people with an interest in birding get together. That’s it. No credentials, no memberships necessary. It’s fun, informal, and informative.

Regulars to the Birds and Beers gathering (and potential newcomers alike) should visit Sharon’s blog and drop her a word. And consider visiting the Birdchic Boutique while your on the site and learn about disapproving rabbits, pishing off, and other fun things.

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