Scottish pubs minneapolis Burns NightHappy days, friends! It’s that time of year to once again break out the poetry and songs of Robert Burns and give Scotland a good ol’ celebration. We’re doing it up here at Merlins Rest British Isles-style with a Robert Burns Appreciation Night. And it just so happens that Friday is always our Kilt Night, so even better.

Tonight we’ll have live Celtic music, recitations of some poems and songs by Burns, a whisky toast, and more. Ex-pats and Americans alike joining in celebration. It’s a grand time.

Kickoff for this event is at 8 PM. All are invited to participate. And if you’d like to read a poem or learn more about kilts (and perhaps getting your own made) just ask our man Bill Watkins who will be leading a fair bit of the revelry.

And don’t forget Brunch is served 9 am – 2 pm on Saturday and Sunday! Come get your traditional fare.


Bear Scottish WWIIA campaign has emerged to build a memorial to Voytek–an actual bear soldier from World War II! Voytek spent his post-war years in Scotland.

(We’re not kidding about this.)

A right fine toast to Bill Watkins for forwarding this news item. Thanks.

SCOTTISH RESOURCESScottish Pub Minneapolis Burns Kilts

A reminder of some of the Twin Cities’ many Scottish organizations, resources, and events. And if you’re involved with others, please let us know:

Celtic Croft – Kilts, haggis, books, and so much more!

Clan Tartan – A Scottish-living history group

Minnesota Scottish Fair & Highland Games

Minnesota Tartan Day – Believe it! In addition to the many tartans we honor on this day each year, we honor our own: Minnesota has its own tartan. Also, the Minnesota Tartan Day Cooperative publishes a regular Scottish News in Minnestoa (SNIM) Newsletter. Read the current issue online.

Royal Country Scottish Dance Society – Twin Cities Branch

St. Andrew’s Society of Minnesota

Scottish American Center

Twin Cities Scottish Club – Non-profit organization that promotes Scottish cultures, tradition, history and entertainment. Sponsors many events and encourages Scottish dancing, piping and drumming.

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