Warm Up for the Weekend

Rabbie Burns festivities are coming up fast, friends. We recommend you get yourself primed with a pint of Belhaven and a pie here at Merlins.

A number of you in Minnesota’s many Scottish organizations–see the Scottish section of our Links page for a number of opportunities–have commitments on Saturday night, so we’re doing our Burns things appropriately early on Friday.

Friday night is always our Kilt Night, and we’re keeping that schedule, of course. But it will also be our Robert Burns Appreciation Night. There will be live Celtic music, Burns songs and poems and a whisky toast. The Burns celebration begins at 8 PM. All are welcomed.

As for Thursday, make it your own! Pop in and warm up for the weekend, please.


Our next Single-Malt Whisky Tasting will be Thursday, February 7, at 7:30 PM. Join fellow tasters and sample four or five grand pours from our extensive stock. $25 flat fee to participate. Scottish music provided for all. So bring your friends and tell your enemies!

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* I recall Bono on Larry King years ago defining the difference between American and Irish thinking. The American looks at the big house on the hill and says, wistfully, “Someday, that’ll be mine.” The Irishman looks at the big house on the hill and says, “Someday I’m going to get that bastard!” With that in mind, check out how a “rogue trader” in France has found a way to single-handedly lose $7 billion for a bank! AND: the bank will still make a profit.* On a dour note: a Welsh town has had seven suicides in less than a year. The BBC on clusters of suicides; and the Associated Press on the town’s trouble.

* A Brian Clough statue? It’s on the way. (Clough led Nottingham to two European titles.)

* And Will Ferrill takes home a Joycean award from University College Dublin! Said Ferrill, he and Joyce are quite alike in that they both lived most of their lives outside of Ireland.

Events of Note

* The St. David’s Society of Minnesota is planning a St. David’s Banquet for March 1 in St. Paul. Visit the Society’s website for more information.

* The Scottish Ramble is coming up! It’s a chilly affair, but all the more reason to pop through in kilt, visit the booths, and watch some of the Irish and Scottish dancing. Afterwards, come by Merlins Rest for a pint of Belhaven and a telling of tales.

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