Monday: Open Mic & News from the Isles

How do we start off the week here at Merlins? Good food, tasty pints and the weekly Open Mic with Harrison Matthews. It’s a grand gathering. Poems, stories, anecdotes and songs are shared. And, of course, plenty of laughs are had all round in the casual conversation that takes place around this event.

The mic opens around 8/8:30.


Calling all clans! Calling all Twin Cities Scottish revelers! This week we celebrate the great Scotsman and poet Robert Burns.

On Friday, January 25, we’ll celebrate his legacy British Isles style. Join us for the Robert Burns Appreciation Night: live Celtic music, Burns songs and poems, a whisky toast, and an appropriately misplaced kickoff (8 PM). All are welcomed.


* An offal story! Should the US ban on haggis imports from the UK be lifted?

* Father Ted’s charity milk brigade is sweeping across Ireland

* An in memorium: the man who gave England “Curry Hell” has died

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