Tuesday: Bedlam, Celtic Pub Night & Medieval Doings

A rather busy week rolls on here at the Rest. No rest for the Rest, I guess. But there’s plenty of fun for…or rather with the wicked: Bedlam! The boys will be in pub tonight around 9 pm to deliver their solid Celtic-influenced music. Many of you are well-familiar with them from the annual Minnesota Renaissance Festival. But we’ve cleaned them up a touch since then–picked the bones out of the beards, for example–so no worries.

Bedlam’s weekly gig is a great deal of fun, and not just for them. There’s always a really spirited crowd on Tuesdays. I hope you’ll join ’em.


Holy kilts! Over at one of the Minnesota Scottish Fair and Highland Games websites there is a Celtic Calendar of Events. The third Tuesday of each month is Pub Night. Join ‘em! The people in this community do fantastic work. And, hey: they’ll be at Merlins Rest TONIGHT!


Join the Merlins Medieval History Group! You need not be a scholar…in fact, we’d appreciate it if you weren’t too academic because some of us plan to play it fast and loose with our facts! At any rate, we’d appreciate your good humor.

The Merlins Medieval History Group is an informal, free-to-join interest group focusing on the British Isles, what was and influences what is. We’ll talk a bit about things we know, a bit about things we’re curious about, plenty about things we find fascinating or funny (and perhaps have no sources to back it up!), and a good dose of things WAY off the topic.

Point being: it’s all for the fun of it. Get yourself a pint, maybe tuck into some Guinness stew, and have a chat with friends new and old.

So we’ll bring people together for the first “official” meetup on February 4 at 7:00 pm. Visit the group website and sign up! Golden.

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