Monday: Open Mic, Nightlife & Burns Update

It’s a busy week here at Merlins! Check out the items lined up under “Special Events & Gatherings” on the Events page. And keep in mind that if your group is meeting at Merlins and if you’d like to extend the invite to others in the pub, just drop us word, such as through the comment feature on these pub updates, and we’ll add your gathering to our list.

That reminds me! Some members of the Twin Cities Nightlife Meetup Group will be in pub tonight, which is when the weekly Open Mic takes place. Join our fantastic host Harrison Matthews and various patrons as they share bits of song, poetry, fiction, and so forth. It’s your mic! Use it and use it well. Sing it, say it, share it.

The mic opens around 8:00 / 8:30. Happy days!


Friday, January 25, we’re celebrating Robert Burns’ legacy! And we’re doing it British Isles style. Join us for the Robert Burns Appreciation Night. Celebrate with Scottish revelry:

* Live Celtic music

* Burns songs and poems

* A whisky toast

* And an appropriately misplaced kickoff! 8 PM. See you then! 

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