Sunday Pub Quiz!

Happy days! It’s Sunday, friends. And I do believe that’s the sun I see out there today (circa 12:00 pm). Either that or the sky’s on fire. Difficult to tell in our grey winter months, isn’t it?

(On a weather-related note: The second half of that Green Bay game was nuts yesterday!)

So. What do you know about American presidents? or world capitals? or music? small shore birds and Churchillian quotes? Hey: however trivial the knowledge seems, it’s applicable during our Sunday Pub Quiz! Join us and our Welsh quizmaster, one John Dingley, tonight at 8 pm for lots of laughs, a bit of brainbusting, and a tasty pint or two to ease into the week.

And our friend Sam Fiske provides the jazz about an hour before and 30 minutes following the quiz. It’s what we like to call Sam’s Sandwich. It’s a treat.

Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! It’s a grand time. See you tonight!

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