Wednesday: The Jam and a Reading Tonight

The Merlins Rest Folk Jam is here! It’s Wednesday. Humpday. Woden’s Day. Shake off the chill–wasn’t that Sunday weather incredible?–and join us in the pub for some spirited folk music with Bill Watkins and friends. No mic required. This is casual musicianship and community, just as you’d find across the pond in the pubs of Ireland and the United Kingdom. Join us, join in. Happy days!


Tonight from 6:30 – 8:00, Mary Leinfelder will hold an open reading on the theme of “Do We Belong?” All are invited to attend and, if they are comfortable with it, participate. Read something of your own, a passage or poem from someone else. It’s open, friends.

For example, at the November gathering on the theme of “Gratitude,” attendee Cyn Collins read from a David Eggers’ piece originally published in the Guardian.

It’s a fine gathering. Pop up, meet this crew, and share in the sharing if you like. Or just pop up and listen.

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