Bedlam Tuesday!

Man, it seems like I haven’t been able to write that headline for a good spell. All those recent holidays, you know. They were grand, sure, but life is blessedly back to its rollicking self, and we’ve got the boys of Bedlam coming ashore for a show.

Join ’em tonight for some outstanding folk with a sharp influence of Irish and Scottish music. Great time and a fantastic crowd.

See you tonight!


I posted this link to Fluxus Photography the other day to show some New Year’s Eve photos that were snapped here at Merlins. For those who missed it on the first posting, check ’em out today.


Now, we’ve got loads of events stacking up on the pub calendar. Give it a look here. But look about as well, because in February we’ve also got the Scottish Ramble in downtown Saint Paul. Head on down in kilt, visit the booths, enjoy the dancing, then pop up to Merlins for a celebratory toast. The Ramble is a fantastic time. Consider it. No time? Just come up and visit us at the pub!

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