WEDNESDAY: We’re Jammin’

Just get the Iowa caucus over with already! Man.

Right! I lost my head over the New Year’s holiday. Thanks much to Sal for pointing out that it is NOT Monday, as I’d previously posted. GAH!!! It’s Wednesday.

So let me reset my thoughts on what is occurring here: tonight is the Merlins Rest Folk Jam! Join Billy Watkins and friends for some informal, lively and highly satisfying folk jamming. This mic-less music starts about 9 PM. And now I’m going to go find some glue to keep this head on straight! (Thanks, Sal.)


* A woman puts out a house fire…with a pair of giant knickers

* Aerial shots of Northern Ireland from a “paramotorist.” Also, check out this explanatory page at Paramotor Ireland. How very odd. They hook up a two-stroke engine to their backs and chug along beneath a parachute.

* And in the category “Only in Wales” we find this news of a barn owl’s role in a wedding service. Oy, Dingley!

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