Warm Up This Weekend!

Wow. The temperature is falling today and icing up the streets. But we should have a little respite from it later today, and just in time to enjoy the weekend, hey.

Stay warm with us and plenty of good cheer, hot food and pints o’ fuel. Get yourself a pie and a pint and enjoy the holiday weekend, friends.


* We’ve got BRUNCH both Saturday and Sunday, 9 am – 2 pm. Traditional Irish breakfast, standard American fare, and few items that are our own. Lovely stuff.

* SATURDAY NIGHT: The Hot Club of East Lake is in the pub! Music starts around 9 pm.

* SUNDAY NIGHT: Weekly Pub Quiz with the torture-master John Ring-a-Ding Dingley! Sam Fiske will also provide some jazz an hour before and 30 minutes after the quiz. A drink & think and Sam’s Sandwich. Outstanding.


* Christmas Eve – Open at 2 pm. We will feature our classic British Isles-style Knees Up (”knees up” = party) featuring all our friends, family and anyone that wants to join in on the entertainmen, buckshee (free-of-charge), of course.

* Christmas day – Open at 2 pm. We will offer a Traditional Christmas Quiz that entails 5 x 5 question segments. A prize will be awarded at the end of each segment and a grand prize will be awarded at the end for the winner. This monstrous quiz will be co-hosted by Frankendingley and Willy Watkins.


Just a reminder to reserve Friday, December 28 for the Kilt Krash at Merlin’s Rest.  Wear your kilt (or anything tartan) and enjoy the evening in the company of St. Andrew’s Society and Twin Cities Scottish Club members.  It’s a great way to share an event with another Scottish organization.  It should be a very enjoyable evening.  The event starts at 7:00 p.m. (not 7:30, as reported in a previous announcement).

And if you are interested in knowing more about tartans or acquiring your own kilt, talk to our man Bill Watkins up here. He makes them and makes them well.

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