Kilt Night

Chilly weather? No problem. Don that kilt!

It’s Friday, friends: Kilt Night at Merlins Rest! The Celtic musicians will be in the pub, there will be plenty of laughter, and all in all we’ll usher in the weekend in style.

See you tonight.


* Christmas Eve – Open at 2 pm. We will feature our classic British Isles-style Knees Up (”knees up” = party) featuring all our friends, family and anyone that wants to join in on the entertainmen, buckshee (free-of-charge), of course.

* Christmas day – Open at 2 pm. We will offer a Traditional Christmas Quiz that entails 5 x 5 question segments. A prize will be awarded at the end of each segment and a grand prize will be awarded at the end for the winner. This monstrous quiz will be co-hosted by Frankendingley and Willy Watkins.

* Kilt Krash – Look out! Keep the date of Friday, December 28 open, friends. A Kilt Krash is going to occur up here! Starting at about 7:30 pm, our Kilt Night will feature members of the St. Andrew’s Society and the Twin Cities Scottish Club. More details to follow.

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