Wednesday: Kick Out the Jams

Right! We weren’t kidding, friends. It turns out that Guinness really may be good for you. Check out this news! Oddly enough, it was research from the University of Wisconsin that supported this old claim. (Plain old lager doesn’t appear to provide the same health benefits.) But we’ve known this for year, haven’t we. Lovely!

So: We’re jamming tonight. Why? That’s right: it’s Wednesday. Woden’s Day. Humpday.

Warm up for the holidays with the Old Molly’s Folk Jam! Our strumming and plucking and crooning friends will be in the pub tonight going where the Muse takes them. It’s a grand time. Bodhrans may appear. Fiddles. Guitars. Mandolins. Even an ambulatory, Guinness-wielding Bill Watkins will take part.


If you’re ever looking for a site for your interest group, be it a book club, political group, birding enthusiasts, etc., give us a heads up and we’ll put out the word (should you want it to be promoted to other patrons of the bar as an open gathering). Next up:

Wednesday, December 19, 7 – 9 PM – The Druids Grove monthly gathering. If you’ve an interest in the spiritual path of Druidry, by all means stop up and meet our friends in this group. All are welcomed.


We’ve got Fuller’s ESB on tap now!

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