Saturday & Sunday: Brunch, the Hot Club, and a Pub Quiz

Join us at Merlins Rest this weekend for some outstanding brunch between 9 am and 2 pm. Traditional Irish breakfast, classic pancakes, American fare and more. Have a good dose of coffee to get your blood moving in this sudden chill! It’s wool sock weather, to be sure.

Saturday Night: We’ve got the Hot Club of East Lake in the pub. They’ll start playing about 9 pm. A nice complement to a bowl of Guinness stew and a blood-warming pint of the good stuff.

Sunday Night: We’ve got the Sunday Pub Quiz at 8 pm with our Wales-raised (and -ruined?) torturemeister John Dingley and some outstanding jazz led by yer man Sam Fiske. Music provided about an hour before and 30 minutes after the quiz. Sam’s Sandwich!

“You get no bread with one Pub Quiz

with Dingley’s Torture in the middle

and Standard Jazz on top….”

Happy days!


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