TONIGHT: Single-Malt Tasting and Win a Trip to Ireland!!

Happy days, friends. It’s a big night here! I hope you’ll join us.

First up: The Single-Malt Tasting at 7:30 PM. Our friend Fiona will walk us through 4 or 5 good pours of Merlins single-malt stock. This is a monthly event and loads of fun. $25 flat fee to participate. Scottish music will follow.

Then–Or possible just ahead of that, sorry to be inexact!: Register for a chance to WIN A TRIP TO IRELAND! A Guinness rep will be in the pub to giveaway loads of prizes, including a chance to travel overseas. Lovely. The event happens between 7 and 10 PM. Good luck! Only six of these events are happening in Minnsota. We’re proud to be one of the venues they’ve chosen.

And please accept my apologies for the inexactness of the Guinness happenings. It’s tough to pin down the rep on time in this weather and with her schedule between venues she must visit. So pop up about 7 but please know it may take Guinness until 8 or so to arrive and begin the giveaways. If the past is any indicator, the 7 PM arrival is certainly in play. I used to miss getting Guinness giveaway glasses because the rep showed up so soon!

See you tonight!

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