Wednesday: Jammin’, Scots Links, & Reminders

Nippy out but sunny, hey. And we’re keeping warm in the pub with some acoustic guitar, plenty of Guinness, and fish and chips. Speaking of which, big thanks to a comment that came in via the website:

Was down for the St Andrews party. It was a great time, thanks.
By the way, I vote your Brit fish and chips the best in the cities.

We appreciate the kind words! And we also appreciate the Scottish links recommended to us over the past couple days:

Royal Country Scottish Dance Society – Twin Cities Branch

Minnesota Scottish Fair & Highland Games

Keep the suggestions coming, friends.


A Guinness rep is coming into the pub on Thursday evening. The good people of Guinness are giving away a trip to Ireland. Only six venues in Minnesota will offers pub-goers a chance to register. We’re one of ’em. I’ll try to pin down a firm time for you over the next 24 hours. Check back with the site tomorrow, please. And get yourself to Ireland!


Thursday, December 6, 7:30 PM – Single-Malt Tasting! $25 flat fee to participate. Four or five good pours. And loads of good company. The scotch tasting group is a wonderful bunch. Bring your friends or make new ones.

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