Bedlam Tuesday! Plus, Win a Trip to Ireland

Tuesday descends upon us! Snow descends upon us! Bedlam descends upon us! At least we have pints of Guinness to keep us warm and calm amidst so much chaos.

Bedlam will set up and provide the good tunes about 9 pm tonight. They bring some fantastic jams and plenty of spirited Irish and Scottish folk influence. And they’ve got a really lovely group of regular listeners who pop up on Tuesday nights. A great time. Come enjoy the sounds, have a bite, and shake the snow from your boots. It’s winter. Stay warm, stay happy.


Whoa! Guinness is giving away a trip to Ireland. Only six events will be held in Minnesota, and one of them will be here. The latest is that rep from Guinness will be in the pub on Thursday night, and during that time you’ll have a chance to register to win the trip.

Good luck, friends! We’re pulling for you!



Thursday, December 6, is also our December Single-Malt Tasting! Join our good friend Fiona as she leads the pack through 4 or 5 grand pours from our stock. $25 flat fee to participate. Tasting starts at 7:30 pm.

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