Monday: Open Mic

Happy days! They’ve finally got around to plowing a few streets–but righteous apologies to those of you who feel victim to the tow trucks.

Right! We’ve got the Merlins Rest Open Mic tonight with Harrison Matthews. Join us and spin a yarn, recite a poem, read a bit from that novel or memoir you really are working on. Whatever it may be, share it. It’s your mic! The fun starts around 8 pm.



* Monday – Open Mic, 8 pm

* Tuesday – Bedlam (Irish and Scottish folk), 9 pm

* Wednesday – Old Molly’s Folk Jam, circa 8:30 pm

* Thursday – Single-Malt Scotch Tasting! Join us and our good friend Fiona for four or five grand pours from our single-malt stock and plenty of fun. Flat fee of $25 to participate. Bring your friends or make new ones. Scottish music to follow…and a special GUINNESS EVENT! You just might WIN A TRIP TO IRELAND. Six of these events are taking place in Minnesota. One of ’em happens right here at Merlins. Join us.

* Friday – Kilt Night and Celtic music

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