Bedlam Tuesday!

Ah, the boys of Bedlam return for another Tuesday in the pub. Lovely. They’ll provide the Irish and Scottish folk (and some lively banter) starting about 9 pm. It’s always a grand time. Check ‘em out!


* Wednesday: the weekly Old Molly’s Folk Jam!

* Thursday: Dino & the Dinosaurs, 9 PM. It’s good to get the blues, man.

* Friday: St. Andrew’s Day! Kilts, Scottish music, bagpipes, and plenty of Belhaven on tap. Join us!


* A Scottish tart has challenged the traditional English pie! It’s a Christmas smackdown.

* Enter the Dragon! An MP is pushing for the incorporation of the Welsh Dragon in the Union Jack in order to reflect the role of Wales in the United Kingdom.

* Oh, lord. An Orange Order superhero!

* And: Worst. Bride. Ever.

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