Wednesday: Old Molly’s Folk Jam

We’re jamming tonight, friends! It’s Wednesday. It’s Thanksgiving EVE. Most of you have tomorrow off, but we’re on for both days. We’re here for you.

Warm up for the holiday with the Old Molly’s Folk Jam! Our strumming and plucking and crooning friends will be in the pub tonight going where the Muse takes them. It’s a grand time. Bodhrans may appear. Fiddles. Guitars. Mandolins. Even an ambulatory, Guinness-wielding Bill Watkins will take part.

(Hey! Ask Billy about his third memoir. It’s in the publishing process and should appear in 2008. Congrats, Bill! We look forward to it–and not just because it’s in the future!)


We’ll be open from 12:00 (noon) onward. Traditional Thanksgiving dinner and appetizers available. Blues music in the evening. Join us!


The Doctor Who Meetup Group of Minneapolis will be in the pub December 15 at 4 pm. That’s a Saturday, friends, and all are invited. Great crowd. Bring your friends or make new ones. Who dat!? More details to follow.

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