Friday: Kilt Night & Celtic Music

This year has flown past, hasn’t it? I’m stunned to find it’s Thanksgiving next week. And that reminds me: We’ll be open on Thanksgiving, so keep an eye out for news of that. Where should you direct your eye? To this website, of course! Or, better yet, stop up to the pub and inquire as you enjoy a pint.

Right! It’s Friday! Golden.

We’re breaking out the kilts, per usual, and the Celtic musicians will be in the pub. It’s perhaps our most spirited evening each week and it’s a gas. So put away those pans! Put away that stress! Pop up for a bite to eat, a drink or two, and relax with us as we listen to the good tunes, tell the tales, and all in all enjoy our Friday eve.

Music starts around 9 PM…but sometimes sooner or a few minutes later. They’re musicians, after all. And when they come up, they’re up to have some fun in the pub too. Join us!


Saturday, November 17 – Honeysuckle Rose will play Merlins! They used to play wonderful sets of gypsy jazz swing at the old Molly Quinn’s. We’re happy to have them appearing here.

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