Wednesday: We’re Jamming!

It’s Wednesday, Humpday, Woden’s Day–the day on which we gather a team of horses and our six strongest men and lift the massive rock beneath which Bill Watkins slumbers. We pound the dust off him, pour a few Guinness in the tank, arm him with musical instruments, and turn him and numerous friends loose for the Old Molly’s Folk Jam.It’s a weekly tradition here and it goes back years for this informal troop. They’ll settle down up front in the bar and provide the evening’s tunes. Great fun to accompany your meal, drink and laughter.


Oh, my! Cooker John will be in the pub on Thursday night. Very cool music, indeed.


* The night wanderings of a Dorset cat have garnered media attention, namely because the cat demands to be picked up each morning by its owner. And I mean picked up by car. At a particular stop.

* Speaking of pets, an Indian man married a dog. Seriously.

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