Kilt Night Returns!

It’s Friday, friends, and after a cold snap we’re all feeling quite ready for winter now that the blood has congealed (aided by a steady supply of Guinness)–though we’ll stave off the cold long as we can, of course. A little sunshine would be nice, thanks. But hey: Kilt up! A few snowflakes are nothing. Celts for centuries were quite warm in their wool kilts and socks. We are too.

So join us in kilt, or pants if you prefer, as we celebrate the weekend with some live Celtic music, great food, and plenty of beer from the Isles on tap. Lovely!

Congratulations, Bill

Hey there, Bill Watkins! Congratulations on the latest book, The Once and Future Celt. I know you’ve got months ’til the release, but it was wonderful to see the galley copy. So the trilogy that began with Celtic Childhood and continued with Scotland Is Not for the Squeamish swings about. Happy days!

I’m waiting for the tell-all about Dingley….

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