Thursday: Mosher-Ekstrand Experiment

Kathy Mosher and Bobby Ekstrand will be in the pub tonight around 9 pm to provide their style of jazz. It’s the Mosher-Exstrand Experiment! And it’s good. Check it out.

And feeling a grumbling in your belly? Quell is with a sausage sandwich, a cottage pie, some fish and chips! It’s winter. Stay warm, stay fed. And fuel yourself with Guinness!


* Minnesota has a St. David’s Society! Keep up with Welsh heritage, culture and events.

* Failte Minnesota is working towards establishing an Irish Cultural Center for Minnesota

* Interested to know more about your Scottish clan? Check out the Minnesota Coalition of Scottish Clans. Particularly: the clan contact page.


* A Merseyside pub has been named for a former UK poet laureate. Unfortunately, that laureate sort of looked like Hitler. The pub’s sign is drawing some odd looks and complaints. Poor guy.

* And countering the view of the human animal is this study about a woman’s walk

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