Thursday: Single-Malt Tasting & an Experiment!

Brace yourselves! It’s a grand one.

TONIGHT we continue our series of monthly single-malt tastings with our good friend Fiona. (Be sure to ask her about being from the Armpit of the Isles!) She’ll lead us pleasantly through four or five outstanding single-malts from the Merlins’ stock. Great fun and great folks involved with this. The pub is certainly open for other business, but why not warm up with a bit o’ whisky!?

The details: $25 flat fee to participate, four or five terrific pours, and lots of laughs.


Kathy Mosher and Bobby Ekstrand (The Mosher-Ekstrand Experiment) will follow the tasting with their style of jazz–and their style is outstanding. Check it out! They’re here every first Thursday of the month, so this is November’s Experiment. Don’t miss it!


Not only are we serving brunch this weekend, as is our new habit (9 am – 2pm every Saturday and Sunday), but on Saturday our friends from the Irish Music & Dance Association will hold a meeting at Merlins Rest, 4 – 6 pm. Pop up and learn more about this outstanding group after they conclude their general business. They’re wonderful people. We encourage you to get to know ’em.

And if you’ve got a gathering coming up and would like to meet at Merlins, just drop us a line and we’ll be ready for you.

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