Monday: Mic Check!

After a fine weekend of brunches and bands, we’re turning the mic over to you. Join us tonight for the Merlins Rest Open Mic! Our friend Harrison Matthews leads the fun and our other friends (ie, you) provide the songs, stories, poems and so forth. The mic opens up around 8:00 pm.

See you tonight!


Two fantastic events descend upon the Rest this week. The skinny:

Tuesday, October 30 – Chulrua – The traditional Irish band, Chulrua, will be in the pub on Tuesday, October 30. This is a blessing, as they are outstanding and tour through Minneapolis very rarely. Don’t miss it! Cover: $12.

Wednesday, October 31 – Samhain Celebration! – Samhain (”November” or “for the feast” depending on whether you’re coming from Gaelic or Scottish Gaelic) is the Celtic New Year. This year it lands on Wednesday–the night on which we routinely hold the Old Molly’s Folk Jam with our boy Billy Watkins. And, hey: It’s also Halloween. Come as yourself or someone else!

Thursday, November 1 – Single-Malt Tasting with Fiona! Calling all scotch lovers! Join us as Fiona leads us through four or five outstanding single-malts from Merlins’ stock. This is a monthly joy. You’re welcome to sample of the stock any day of the week, of course, but if you’ve an interest in single malts, give this group approach a try. $25 flat fee to participate, and it’s a fine crowd that do. Lots of laughs as tasting notes are shared and friends made. And, hey: Kathy Mosher and Bobby Ekstrand (The Mosher-Ekstrand Experiment) will provide their brand of jazz after the event. Thursday is going to be grand!

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