Friday: Kilt Up!

Good people of Minneapolis and Saint Paul: Don your kilts, your sporrans, your sgian dubhs! Put on the winter wool and get yourself a pint of Belhaven. Hey: It’s Friday and we’re kilting up!

Join us tonight for kilts, Cetlic music and plenty of laughs. We love our Fridays; we hope you will too.

Music starts around 9:00. And if you’re interested in tartans and getting your own kilt, whether you’re thinking Scottish, Irish, Cornish, or even the Minnesota Tartan (Yes, there is one!), ask our boy Billy Watkins. He’ll be in the pub. Billy, you see, makes kilts.


The whole Hot Club of East Lake gang will be in the pub on Saturday night, so don’t miss it! It’s not often that playing schedules allow for everyone to be on board, but man when you get each piece of the Hot Club in the house, it is some glorious jazz. It’s glorious when it’s one or two of them, but when they all conspire, hey: It’s magic. Check it out!

They’ll start up Saturday night around 9 pm.


* Trivia: A lock of whose hair is worth $119,000? No, not Britney Spears. It’s Che Guevara’s!

* Banning pumpkins from Halloween celebrations? That’s what’s happening in Scotland.

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